Hotline, ring til os anonymt tlf. 70 27 76 66

RED Centre against honour-related conflicts

The RED Centre against honour-related conflicts provides counseling and other services to ethnic minority youths, their families and professionals and promotes knowledge about honour-related conflicts nationwide. The services provided by RED Centre against honour-related conflicts fall within three branches: RED Counseling and the two RED Safehouses.

RED Counseling has 18 years of experience with professional counseling for youths, parents and professionals in relation to honor-related conflicts. If you need guidance, call our hotline at +45 70 27 76 66. Our hotline is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. All calls are confidential; you do not have to tell us your name,  and we will not tell others about your story.

RED Safehouse is a safe place of residence for youths under threat due to honor-related conflicts. Our specialized staff are ready to help you with your specific situation. RED Safehouse is open 24 hours and can always be contacted by phone:

RED I: +45 55 78 20 00

RED II: +45 55 78 20 10

Anonym hotline +45 70 27 76 66